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View Platina Swimming Goggle

Comfortable easy fits swimming goggles, perfect for training and lap swimming.
With a mass of features to make your swimming experience the best yet.




View Platina Goggles - Corrective

Platina swimming goggles combined with corrective lenses to create truly unique
and highly functional sports eyewear for your corrective needs.

Power range from +6.00 through to -10.00.


Right Lens

Left Lens  
 $ 52.00


View Xtreme Swimming Goggle / Mask

The Xtreme V1000 is not only perfect for comfort in ocean swimming
or long-distance swimming, it is also excellent for sports such as
 triathlons, waterskiing, kayaking and jet-skiing.



$ 38.00

Corrective Dive Masks

We provide both readymade and fully customised options.

Please email us for all prescription Dive Mask requirements.


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